Alexander talks up, saying that Kirk is great

McCoy decides to volunteer to remain however, Kirk nonetheless declines, mentioning that when he is gone it and the Company could well be shed. He provides a speech about he used to envision they try his very own fault which he did not have a comparable efforts as Platonians hence he had been lucky that they had kept your around. However now, adopting the Organization team stood up to the brand new Platonians and showed them for just what they are, he understands how they’re putting him down.

Spock concerns Alexander about the energies and you can determines that the energy had manifested alone immediately after brand new Platonians got burned up the eating locations and you will become eating regional eating. McCoy goes through Alexander’s bloodstream together with medical tricorder and you can discovers one Parmen have a great deal more kironide, which is split because of the pituitary gland. Alexander recalls the kironide offered per Platonian different rational energies, but when they attempted to combine such vitality it unsuccessful. McCoy synthesizes specific kironide and you will injects Kirk, and Spock – in order to double that Parmen’s peak. Kirk signifies that Alexander score a dose, get Parmen’s set and you can signal worldwide, however, Alexander refuses: “You think that’s what I would like? End up being one of them? Become my enemy? Just rest around such as a large blob regarding absolutely nothing and have things done for me? I would like to run around to possess me personally. Basically will laugh or shout, I would like to do it having me. You can preserve your own beloved energy. All of the We query is a thing: should you succeed regarding here, simply take myself with you.”

The fresh new conversation was interrupted when the Platonians push Lieutenant Uhura and you will Nurse Christine Chapel to help you beam down just like the Kirk, Spock, and you will McCoy search on in bewilderment. The women, struggling to speak, walk off and are usually pushed facing the will to set up to possess the fresh new evening’s festivities. Kirk angrily surmises that Platonians have finally receive newer and more effective entertainment due to their enjoyment.

Work Four

Later you to definitely night, Uhura and you will Chapel come out towards the chief hall, one another wearing fantastic Greek attire due to the fact Kirk and you may Spock join him or her, each other clothed in short Greek tunics and you will laurel leaf crowns. Kirk asks Spock to try to lift specific plates from restaurants, although efforts haven’t banged for the but really. Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and you will Church is triggered a period. Parmen desires greet McCoy, but he’s got so you can persuade McCoy to evolve their brain basic. The guy renders Spock play just what he calls “a good serenade in the chuckling spaceman” in order to Uhura and you can Church.

Next, the fresh five was split up into a couple sets: Uhura and you can Kirk, and you will Church and you may Spock. Church and you may Spock try obligated to hug even after their protests; Chapel confesses one to she’s wished to be next to Spock to own so long but now she desires “crawl aside and you may perish”. Uhura on the other hand confesses in order to Kirk one she try frequently calmed by the Kirk’s exposure whenever she is actually frightened into the connection out of the fresh new Corporation. The 2 people endeavor within the vain to stop being required to hug.

At the same time, Kirk starts to be his telekinetic electricity building and laughs immediately following the guy prevents Alexander regarding damaging himself

Adopting the kisses, Parmen compels Kirk to crack a good bullwhip on Uhura and you will Spock so you can brandish a sexy web based poker pole within Chapel. When you are Parmen was distracted controlling the four officials, Alexander tries to sneak up towards the your which have a knife. Parmen shifts their appeal so you’re able to attempting to make Alexander change the knife on the themselves. Parmen cannot accept that Kirk possess telekinetic overall performance and you can attempts to shot her or him. The guy directs Alexander to threaten Kirk to your blade, but once more the brand new chief turns this new dining tables on the Platonian. To possess a quick time, the two brains battle to own power over Alexander. Kirk’s stamina has been proven more however, eventually they both discharge him. Alexander begins to use their totally free will so you’re able to attack Parmen however, Kirk finishes him, asking only, “Do you need to wind up as your?” Alexander battles together with conscience, but in the end falls this new knife, heaping contempt to his previous commander as an alternative. Parmen sees you to definitely Kirk has actually protected his lifetime, and appears repentant. He promises that he are more benevolent into coming visits of the almost every other starships. Spock and you can Kirk are questionable of your own reform and thus worries you to definitely people the latest anyone could easily be dosed that have kironide too. Parmen generally seems to acquiesce to that particular insights and you may Kirk looks satisfied your “Platonian disease” might have been repaired.